WWE and AEW set to allow crowds from next week: report

WWE is set to introduce crowds to their shows as early as May first or second week in their venue of Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Due to coronavirus crisis, all sports has been majorly affected. Sports such as Cricket, Football and all kinds of sports are suspended for indefinitely.

Such is the case with wrestling, though the sport has not been cancelled or suspended, wrestling is being held behind closed doors.

Due to the coronavirus, WWE had to shoot their major event Wrestlemania behind closed door and it was pre taped and was broadcasted as per the scheduled date.

Not only is that, WWE’s weekly show Raw, SmackDown and AEW’s weekly show Dynamite is also being taped behind closed doors without any crowds.

However, there is a good news coming for WWE and Wrestling fans. As per Wrestling News, new Florida guideline will allow WWE and AEW to shoot live shows with crowds.

As per the guideline, sports events can allow fans but not in large number. The venue can only be of 25 percent capacity and also should follow all the social distancing rules.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis guideline for the sport state the following: “Large spectator sporting events should use strict social distancing guidelines and limit occupancy of venues to 25 percent of building capacity.”

So, that means that if WWE want then they can allow crowds to their venue for now which is Performance Center in Orlando.

AEW can also welcome fans to their venue for their week show Dynamite which is Jacksonville, Florida.

However, WWE and AEW have not yet announced what they will do. Whether bring audience as per the guideline or wait for the situation to get better in United State.

This might be a good for AEW as their upcoming pay-per-view Double or Nothing set to take place on 23rd May and could also involve crowds.

However, this is not a good news for WWE as they have already announced that Money In The Bank will take place in WWE’s headquarter in Stamford, Connecticut. And there will be no audience allowed for the event.

Well it will be interesting to see what WWE and AEW will after this announcement by Florida governor.


Curtis Axel has been released by WWE

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Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel has been released by WWE

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