Types of bodies and diet suitable for it

Types of bodies and the appropriate diet for her, of course, accursed is one of the concerns of many women, as every woman wants to get a graceful body with a beautiful body, and she also wants her body to be the ideal weight that is far from obesity and away from thin.

Also, every body is suitable for a specific dieting system, not all bodies are one, so we will show you the types of bodies and the appropriate diet for them so that you can choose the appropriate diet and thus get the ideal body of an ideal weight, all you have to do is follow healthy food systems that we will explain.

Types of bodies and diet suitable for it:

There are certain types of bodies and they are three types, so we will show you the types of bodies and the proper diet for them until you follow the dieting system that is appropriate for you. These types are summarized in the following:

Type I endomorf:

This type of body is one of the bodies that store fat, so a certain diet must be followed with specific exercises, and these bodies must avoid eating sugars and fruits except for berries, and you must also stay away from carbohydrates. Other substances that contain complex carbohydrates that can be eaten include corn, carrots, whole grains and protein, as well as poultry and lean meat, and healthy fats.

The second type Mizumorf:

And this body can lose weight easily in the case of following a diet and exercising regularly, and the owner of this body is characterized by strong bones, medium structure and broad shoulders, as it is characterized by burning fat with easy weight loss. He can eat complex carbohydrates, which include leafy vegetables and whole grains, and also can eat protein that does not contain fat.

The third type of ectomorph:

This type of body is characterized by its owners that they have a slim body as they can not be acquired fat, and they are characterized by narrow joints as they are from the tall, and their skin does not contain fatty layers. Among the foods that they recommend eating complex carbohydrates and proteins as well as healthy fats, as they are advised to exercise for 30 minutes for a period of three times a week, and these types of bodies and diet suitable for them.

Diet pear body shape:

And now we will show you the diet of the adrenal body shape, as this body there are a lot of women to get it because it is an attractive and beautiful body, so we will show you the type of diet that can be obtained through this body, so the following must be followed: – Breakfast : A cup of corn flakes or oats toast + a cup of skimmed yogurt + a cup of milk. Food: grilled fish or low-fat dairy + cooked vegetables or green salad + a portion of fruits can be eaten. Dinner: skinless chicken or fish + a moderate amount of legumes and vegetables + in exchange for eating one serving of fruit. We must move away from meat, cheese and different types of cream, and meals must be separated long enough, and this was the system of the adrenal body shape.

Diet of the genital body type:

As for the system of regulating the reproductive body type, it can be said that this body can be obtained by following the following: – Breakfast: a small piece of fruit + coffee or tea sweetened with little sugar. Food: Contains a large salad platter + half a cup of boiled vegetables + one boiled or fried egg + whole toast or Ra a piece of bread + a piece of fruit. Dinner: eat 4 ounces of chicken or fish meat + one piece of fruit + a cup of skim milk + a cup of red clover tea, and this is a genital body diet.

Diet hourglass body shape:

This is another type of body and the proper diet for it, which is the diet of the hourglass body shape, and whoever wants to follow this diet regimen must rely on food that contains protein, which is represented by dairy products, lean meat and fish and to avoid starches, and this It is the dieting regime: – Breakfast: It can be consumed 2 boiled eggs + a cup of skim milk. Food: eat a piece of grilled meat or a piece of chicken + a dish of green salad, or you can eat a quarter of a kilo of grilled fish + a dish of salad also. Dinner: 2 boiled eggs are made + a box of skimmed yoghurt + one lettuce or one cucumber, and this was the hourglass diet.

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