Top WWE Superstars Who Could Join AEW in 2020

WWE is the largest company in the wrestling world and it is due to WWE that many talented stars have got a chance to gain fame. Well, apart from WWE, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has impressed every fan with its performance.

Tony Khan started this company to compete against WWE in association with The Elite. AEW has so far given tremendous competition to WWE’s NXT brand. During this time many WWE veterans have appeared in AEW so far.

The AEW may call on the Giants to be in the news again in time to come. AEW will benefit greatly from this. So we are going to talk about top big WWE veterans who can appear in AEW in the coming times.



Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest names in the wrestling world. In such a situation, if this veteran is seen in AEW, then the company will have a huge advantage in terms of money. Hogan has also worked in TNA after his success with WWE.

He helped TNA to become a WWE competitor. AEW can also do the same. They can add the WWE veteran to the creative team and can also appear on television. Hogan can also earn big money by managing new stars. This will give AEW a huge advantage in ratings against NXT.



Sting retired from wrestling in 2015 after suffering an injury. He has never been loyal to WWE. Actually, he has been seen against WWE for most of his career.

Sting has been able to compete for WWE by being part of WCW and TNA. Now he can come to AEW and help The Elite to give a tough fight to WWE again.



Kurt Angle has retired from the WWE and has been working backstage in the WWE for some time. Now he has many options for work. WWE can sign him again.

If he gets a better offer from All Elite Wrestling, then he can work there too and can be seen as an manager of wrestlers or come out of retirement and fight many dream matches. This will be beneficial for AEW company.



Alberto El Patron, once identified as Alberto Del Rio in WWE, might not, due to his actions out of the ring, be one of the most famous wrestler in the universe, but he’s good wrestlers.

El Patron does have a resume of his technicity, which is one of the best in the industry, as former WWE, CMLL and TNA / GFW World Champion.

Eventually El Patron will be a great asset to the roster even though he is a short term recruiter with a look to the product.



The Ascension appeared to be WWE’s new iteration of The Road Warriors when they were in NXT.

They won some matches when they made their debut on Smack Down, but ultimately became jobbers and comedy personalities in the segments of the Fashion Police.

They have quite a strong as well as a powerful double-team moves in their dictionary. You will indeed believe that the painted powerhouses have had more success because of their frightening appearance, but this still they have been flop in WWE.


A new company such as AEW will concentrate on young, emerging stars, but it will need other names if it wants to attract lots of fans right away.

Rob Van Dam is another one of those guys, whatever way World Wrestling Entertainment used him in the past is still valued by the wrestling community.

He is also in awesome condition to work on the Indy scene, and if he’s prepared to sign a deal it’s simple to get him on the roster.

Being a former WWE and ECW champion looks fine, but he is cherished by his fans for his high-flying moves.


Later this year, Gran Metalik may be on the way out of WWE, one of the three members of the Lucha House Party. In June this year, Metalik’s contract expires and seems ready to leave.

In reaction to Kalisto’s tweet Metalik tweeted last year concerning his deal, saying that he will become a free agent in 10 months. Nonetheless, WWE will most probably add several months to its deal because Kalisto has sustained an injury lately.

Metalik would potentially leave later in the year, and AEW may be one of the destination for the Luchador. Gran Metalik can be part of the mid-card of AEW in their pool if talented players.


Rey Mysterio, who came back to WWE 2 years ago, is allowed to leave the company in September this year at the end of his deal. He has also a contract clause which requires him to stay in his deal for 18 months. After his return, Mysterio did not engage in too many famous feuds, except his brief rivalry with Brock Lesnar.

Dave Meltzer reported last year that if he wasn’t in a successful fight or was not well used the legacy of the company would go to AEW.


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