The Undertaker: A Look At The Journey Of The Deadman

We take a look at the legendary career of the legendary The Undertaker

The Undertaker mostly known as the deadman and the phenom in WWE has finally announced that he is hanging up his boots and is retiring from the world of wrestling.

On June 21st, the final episode of the Undertaker: The Last Ride premiered on the WWE Network. The episode continued from last year’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view(PPV) and showcased his most recent and the last match if wrestling career against AJ Styles in a Boneyard match at Wrestlemania this year where The Undertaker walked away victorious.

Rumours about The Undertaker retiring from the sport has been all over the social media since last few years, but the deadman kept wrestling and finally in 2020, he has decided that he is hanging up his boots and he will spend most of his time with his family. The WWE legend came into the company when it was known as WWF in 1990. The Undertaker made his first appearance for the company in the 1990 Survivor Series.

The Undertaker’s real name is Mark Callaway. He was born in Houston, Texas on 24th March 1965. He began his wrestling career in 1987 working for World Class Championship Wrestling and other wrestling companies. In 1989 he signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling(WCW) named as Mean Mark Callous.

Finally, in 1990, he signed a contract with then World Wrestling Federation(WWF) and was introduced as ‘The Undertaker’ and straight away he became a talking point after he was introduced as a horror-themed wrestler with scare tactics and supernatural abilities.

The whole dark personality thing was played by The Undertaker with Paul Bearer who accompanied him to the ring. The viewers were shocked at the horror, macabre character who used to use supernatural techniques in order to frighten his enemies.

And during the 1990s, the persona of The Undertaker was among the constant pillars of WWF as the company was going through a bad phase. WCW Monday Nitro was still big, with a great number of stars leaving for the brand lead by Eric Bischoff. But Taker did not and he was the greatest-trusted shoulder of McMahon and leader of the locker room.

The deadman then would go on to conquer Hulk Hogan with the help of Ric Flair in 1991 WWF Survivor Series and therefore become the youngest WWF champion in the history of the company at that time. In 1991, he took his time off from the organization to recover an injury and returned to the organization after some major feuds with likes of Yokozuna and Jake The Snake Roberts.

The Deadman era lasted till 1996, when he experienced more unforgettable feuds with the people like Mankind, Bret Hart, Diesel etc. He would keep going till the main event of In Your House 11: Buried Alive, where Mankind helped others to bury Taker alive.

The Undertaker came back in the Survivor Series in 1996 to kick-start the Lord of the Dark Age. His brother on-screen, Kane debuted in WWE during his first Cell match at Bad Blood: In Your House after settling his feuds with Mankind and Vader. The Big Red Machine acknowledged its disgusting presence at WWE over the summer by beginning a feud of its own flesh and blood.

The Undertaker was completely revamped by WWE which resulted in a new gimmick being introduced named the American Badass. It was a biker gimmick, it was a new experience for fans who for many years hated the Deadman Gimmick. He also joined Kane to form the tag team of ‘Brothers of Destruction’ which ruled the WWE. The rivalry against Brock Lesnar was something that fans enjoyed and it is still among the list of best WWE rivalries.

The American Badass discovered its reincarnation after the Deadman’s return to Wrestlemania 20 in 2004, after being buried alive by the Kane. Since then, his gimmick has never altered. He remained a prominent leader in sports entertainment from that time to 2010, winning several World Championships in the WWE which resulted in rivalries between Triple H, Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels and others.

Elsewhere, the run of Wrestlemania streak was a theory because Undertaker never lost a match in the show of the immortals. CM Punk became his victim until the 29th edition. Brock Lesnar first pinned Taker at Wrestlemania in 2014 to break that massive and legendary streak that indicated that probably the end is coming nearer.

In 2017, the lost against Roman Reigns was something that forced him to think about retirement. But, he was not pleased of his performance, so, he decided to return to in-ring action against John Cena the very next year at Wrestlemania.

Finally, he produced a movie type of match at Wrestlemania 36 against AJ Styles, a match he pre-tapped on a deserted spot due to the COVID-19.

The final match of The Undertaker’s career marked the end of the last real star from WWE’s history. While the social media trends in #ThankYouTaker were observed, AJ noted that it, and has been thankful in several occasions to be the final opposite of the WWE superstar. 



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