The importance of sport in our daily life and its benefits for health

Egyptians have practiced sports since ancient times, that is, since the era of the ancient Egyptians until now, including them Hunting and wrestling There are many pharaonic paintings that prove this, as they practice it from ancient times for its multiple benefits, which are the following:

The importance of sport for mental health

Helps a person increase his self-confidence. The person exercising feels enjoyment, excitement and happiness. Some people exercise to eliminate their spare time and bored routine, and here lies its psychological importance. It protects the person from multiple psychological diseases, such as depression and others. It works to get rid of negative thinking and energy.

Sports benefits for a healthy body

The benefits of sport are many and many for the health of the body psychologically, physically, mentally and socially so dear followers of a cultural information magazine we will address through the following lines the most important of these benefits which are as follows:

 1. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the body and works to increase them to give the body a more beautiful appearance.

2. It stimulates blood circulation perfectly and improves metabolism.

3. Doing exercise makes the appetite open to eat healthy and beneficial foods for the body.

4. It also helps to eliminate body fat and protect the body from excessive obesity, making it more vibrant and youthful.

5. It protects the body from the risk of various diseases such as pressure, heart, diabetes and strokes.

6. It works to strengthen the bones, which increases their elasticity, and helps reduce diseases and problems of annoying bones.

7. The body protects against symptoms of premature aging, such as Alzheimer’s. 8. Doing exercise strengthens the immune system in general and effectively.

The importance of sport for mental and mental health

Doing exercise improves and stimulates mental health. It increases the percentage of intelligence, especially mental, motor, social and psychological intelligence. It activates and improves memory positively and well, because it stimulates the activation of the mind’s performance and raises the IQ of the athlete. Reduces distraction and lack of attention and increases concentration. It helps raise the educational level by increasing the academic achievement rate and eliminating boredom and routine.

The benefits of exercising socially

It helps to increase the social intelligence of the individual. You can be through strong friendships and relationships. It gives the individual some positive positive qualities such as patience, endurance, confidence in oneself and in people, cooperation and love. It makes the person more organized and respect the laws, because some exercises require specific systems and laws that the individual must follow. It helps some people stop smoking. Society protects against crimes and bad behavior because it occupies the free time of youth. It works to strengthen relationships within families, because it relieves individuals of the stress of life.

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