The best time for exercise before or after eating

The best time for exercise before or after eating, some people practice sports by running at six in the morning to get health and activity, and they are racing, which makes them excited for the rest of the day, others do exercise before noon, and others prefer to walk around the house after dinner, but is any Time of day is the best time for exercise? This is the question that many people want to answer, and the truth is that there is no reliable evidence that indicates that calories burn more efficiently at certain times of the day, but time of day can affect how you feel when exercising And this is the most important thing, experts say, you can choose a time of the day that you can adhere to and be appropriate for you and feel comfortable, so that exercise becomes a habit for you and you can follow cultural facts for more information about the best time for exercise before or after eating.

The best time for exercise before or after eating:

The best time to train is the time that you will succeed in making it permanent and regular for exercise, and you must feel complete psychological comfort, all you are looking for is the goal of achieving fitness. Anytime you are in a good mood, you will exercise, because the biggest physiological changes in your body occur according to the psychological state, but if you have a flexible schedule and any preference for AM or PM exercises morning or evening, read the best three times to exercise, according to your goal.

When your stomach is empty

In the morning before eating, your body is more likely to take advantage of fat stores to get energy during aerobic exercise, and you can train your body to become more efficient at doing that, although in theory it is wonderful, but it is not very fun in fact if you force your body Upon reaching the position to acquiesce.

You will not receive anything unless you are training in a very high intensity, running or cycling for a very long distance, and this means that low-intensity exercises can have additional benefits if taken in the morning on an empty stomach, there are two additional advantages to lose weight and exercise Early in the morning, as it can reduce your appetite and help you be more physically active throughout the day, sweating early in the day can also improve the duration and quality of your sleep later, this is important because adequate sleep (more than 8 hours in Tonight) is associated with an increase in fat loss if you are trying to lose weight.

When your body temperature rises

Your body temperature decreases during sleep, which is one of the reasons that you may wake up and lack the full flexibility to exercise, and the tablets between your vertebrae are filled with fluid while you are still, which makes them more likely to have any risk during exercise, in both cases, it is better to wait for a period At least an hour after getting up before you start doing special exercises if you have back pain, and if you can wait until later in the day, the better. The reason for this is that your body temperature rises throughout the day, peaking between 4:00 and 6:00 pm, as well as muscle strength and strength in the late afternoon and evening. If you are seeking to maximize gains in strength, it is best to schedule a workout after work, or even during the lunch hour.

When glycogen or carbohydrate stores are full

Glycogen is replenished by carbohydrates, and it is extinguished very quickly through exercise, meaning that they fluctuate throughout the day and are always higher in the hours after digesting a meal that contains carbohydrates, and depending on your schedule your body may be ready to exercise at a time Late in the morning, afternoon or evening. At night, your body can store glycogen, which means that you can wake up and train in the morning before you eat and still have enough energy to get an exercise, but this is the theoretical scenario, most of us especially when we train hard and don’t eat, we will burn the rest of the glycogen Activities of the previous day. The result is that these exercises in the early morning can lead to something called “bonk”, which happens when your body is running out of glycogen, essentially losing the ability to push the air condition.

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