Learn the best diets for 2020, and the pros and cons of each

When we talk about the best foods, we do not mean the best ones for weight loss in particular, but rather the best eats in general, where a group of scientists, doctors, and nutritionists rated the best diets based on the extent of their weight loss in the short and long term, the size of their richness in essential nutrients, and the extent Ease of following a diet, its safety, and its ability to prevent and control chronic severe diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Of course, if we want to talk about the best diets for weight loss, for example, or the best for controlling diabetes, the arrangement may differ somewhat. Still, in this article, we will talk about the best diets in general, which combine all these features in a different way, which is recommended to be followed in a significant way.

So let us know together with the best diets that experts advise to follow in 2020:

Mediterranean diet:

The Mediterranean diet has always been one of the best foods ever, and what makes this diet special is that it is a way of life rather than a diet with strict instructions that must be adhered to. Scientists have noted that the people of countries around the Mediterranean basin enjoy better health than the inhabitants of the continent North America, and they attributed this to their diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other useful foods, and deficient in saturated fats, carbohydrates and red meat.

This diet is considered the healthiest diet ever, and it is relatively easy to follow because of its richness in many food items. It helps to reduce weight in the short and long term in a relative way. The Mediterranean diet is the best diet ever for patients suffering from disease Diabetes, and the second-best diet after the Ornish diet for patients suffering from heart disease. It can be said that what is wrong with this diet is that it is a little expensive, but it is, without a doubt, one of the best foods.

Dash Diet

The Dash diet is considered the second-best food in 2020, according to expert opinion. Experts originally put this diet to treat or prevent arterial hypertension, and the content of the Dash diet depends on fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk products and protein in addition to staying away from full foods in saturated fats such as fatty meat, whole milk products, tropical oils, as well as sugars and sweets.

The Dash diet is a truly balanced diet, which made it among the list of the best foods, as it limits salt significantly, which contributes to controlling arterial blood pressure and preventing coronary heart disease. Similar to the Mediterranean diet, this diet helps lose weight in the short and long term. It is also perfect for patients with diabetes, but following this diet is a little more complicated compared to the Mediterranean diet.

Flexitarian diet:

This diet was ranked second among the best foods similar to the Dash diet, and its name is a combination of the word flexible and vegetarian. As the name clearly shows, this diet is almost entirely dependent on the vegetarian diet and avoids meat. The decision is up to the person who wishes to follow the diet about whether He wanted to avoid meat altogether or occasionally eat less meat.

This diet helps you lose weight in the short and long term quickly and is also very suitable for patients suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and while following this diet is very easy due to the presence of many delicious and varied recipes. Still, some people who prefer not to eat fruits and vegetables may find following this diet very difficult. Nevertheless, their observed results make them occupy a prominent position among the best foods.

Weight Watchers Diet:

This diet differs significantly from the rest of the best food diets, as this diet is considered a complete program that prepares the company of the same name, as the company helps subscribers to eat healthy food and exercise, through a complicated system in which specific points are awarded for each type of food, according to Its nutritional value.

The disadvantage of this diet is that it may be costly, according to the program that you choose to follow, but what distinguishes it is that it helps you to devise a special diet of your own that suits your tastes and does not deprive you of any kind of food, which makes its followers really easy. Of course, this diet is considered healthy in a way Big, but what distinguishes it is that it helps to lose extra pounds very effectively, as it is regarded as one of the best diets for losing weight.

Mayo Clinic Diet:

This diet works on two levels. On the one hand, it focuses on weight loss, of course, and is also equally crucial for a healthy lifestyle. When you follow this diet, which is classified among the best nutrition, you should reconsider the eating habits that support and the pattern of your food. Therefore, the focus of this diet is to break bad habits and create a safer one. All of this is done with help of the Mayo Clinic food pyramid, where this pyramid emphasizes the importance of vegetables, fruits, and legumes in general.

The reason for choosing these foods specifically is that they do not contain many calories, which allows you to eat large amounts of them without gaining weight. The Mayo Clinic diet is considered the best food for patients with type 2 diabetes, as the diet followed by this diet reduces blood sugar and maintains it within the average level. All it takes is long patience, and it may be expensive for some.

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