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How To Become A Professional Football Coach In India, The Roadmap

You wish to become a football coach in India ? Here’s how

To be a football coach is indeed a vision for many, but it’s not simple to become a good football coach. Becoming a good coach needs a strong understanding of the game and personal traits that can inspire a team. It may be challenging to get into the field of work for anyone who lacks experience in coaching or playing the game, but this is not impossible. You will take steps towards becoming a football coach as you learn the game, focus on your management and network with those in the area.

India is a huge country when it comes to population, but the country prefers Cricket over Football. But many still think that if there are proper facilities, India could soon be the biggest Asian team and maybe one of the biggest team in the World. Many still consider India as a sleeping giant. Now, to get the best out of the players, there is a need of many professional coaches in India. There are many talented players across India, but they need to be scouted and after than nurture them, which only a coach can do.

Indians prefer Cricket over Football. Many decide to choose Cricket as their career option, not football. But now, since the Indian Super League started back in 2014, football has grown a lot in the country and now many are curious to know how they can become either a player or a coach.

Most of the schools in India prefer their physical education teachers to train their school’s sports team whether it’s cricket team or football team or any school teams. The schools don’t even consider hiring a coach to train the teams. But the trend has now changed and a lot of schools now prefers hiring personal coaches for school sports teams.

So, today we take a look at how one can become a football coach in India, from basics to professional level. All you need to do is know a little about the ways of how one can become a football coach in India.

How to become a professional football coach in India

There is a total of six categories in which any person who has the desire to become a coach can apply. These six categories are AIFF ‘E’ certificate, AIFF ‘D’ certificate, AIFF ‘C’ certificate, AFC ‘B’ Diploma, AFC ‘A’ Diploma and the last one is AFC ‘Pro’ diploma license.

Clifford Miranda, the FC Goa’s interim coach is latest to pass out the AFC Pro Diploma license course from Uzbekistan. He is latest Indian in the list of AFC Pro license holder among the 14 coaches that India have.


The very first stage is the AIFF ‘E’ certificate. One who desires to become football coach in India must apply for the AIFF ‘E’ certificate, under this certificate, the coach can manage Golden Baby Leagues, children’s who are aged 6 to 12 plays in this league.

Another tournament or championship an AIFF ‘E’ certificate holder can coach at is Futsal Championship which is organised by the Indian football federation.

The minimum age required to join this course is 18 years old while the course lasts for four days and the course fee depends on the state association.


The next is AIFF ‘D’ certificate. Anyone who has AIFF ‘E’ certificate can apply for this certificate or license. Through this license or certificate, you are allowed to coach in school tournament’s, state league and youth league. Before the person can apply for this license, he must have three months of coaching experience as an AIFF ‘E’ certificate holder.

The minimum age required again is 18 years old, while this time the course lasts for six days. In this course, the Indian football governing body AIFF charges 3000 INR while the person will have to pay an organizational cost to the host state or organisation.


The next stage is AIFF ‘C’ certificate. Before a person can apply for this certificate, the person must have six months of experience. In this programme, all the coaches will be given training on how to develop their football techniques and skills. Also, all of the coaches will be given education on how to plan, organise and deliver training sessions for the players.

Under this license or certificate, the coaches are allowed to train and manage youth teams and clubs in the state leagues.



The minimum age required is 18 years old. This time it’s 12 days programme and it is conducted in 2 modules. The coaches will have to pay 12500 INR to the Indian football governing body AIFF, while they will also have to pay an organisational fee to the host organisation or state.


Ok, the next phase in your coaching journey in India is AIFF ‘B’ certificate. To apply for this certificate, the coaches must do two years of coaching practice. Under this course, the coaches will be given the training to manage or develop playing style and also preparing the team.

When you pass out this AIFF ‘B’ certificate course, then you will be eligible to manage or coach teams in youth leagues and in state leagues.

The minimum age requirement for this certificate is 20. It’s a 19 days programme which is completed in three modules. The coaches will have to pay 15000 INR to the Indian football governing body AIFF and also the organisational cost to the host organisation or state.


Next up is AIFF ‘A’ certificate. It is the 2nd highest coaching degree in Indian football. To apply for this license, coaches must have one year of senior coaching experience. Here, all the coaches learn about developing players. Also, they learn technical and tactical abilities.

When a coach finally finishes the course, they are eligible to manage or coach any youth league clubs, state league clubs and also I-League clubs. Also, they can become head of youth development and ISL clubs, assistant coach.

The minimum age requirement is 18 while the fixed time of the course. The coaches will have to pay AIFF 25000 INR plus the organisational cost to the host state or organisation.


The final stage is the AFC Pro License. It is the highest degree any Indian coaches can attain. All the coaches who want to take part in this course must have managed clubs for a minimum of two years before they are allowed to apply for this course.

An AFC Pro license coach is allowed to coach or manage Indian Super League and I-League clubs. The minimum age required is 18. The programme is a 24 days long course and it is completed in three modules.

For this course, the coaches must pay 50000 INR to AIFF and also foreign module cost which completely depends on the host country. The coaches also have to pay the organisational cost to the host organisation or state.

Goalkeeping Coach

Except for these licences, there another license, that is Goalkeeping coach. Anyone who desires to become a goalkeeping coach can take part in this course. To apply for the goalkeeping coach license, the coach must have AIFF ‘C’ certificate or license.

So, this is how any person can become a coach in India. With the popularity of football growing quite rapidly in India. With AIFF also announcing that an Indian assistant coach is must in ISL, the demand of coaches in India, especially Indian coaches are now high.

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