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Forbes Announce Top 10 Highest Grossing Players List

Star cricketer Virat Kohli is the only cricketer in the Forbes list of highest-grossing players in the world. His total annual earnings are $ 26 million (Rs 196 crore). The Indian captain has made a tremendous jump in this list. He is at 66th position, while last year was 100th.

31-year-old Virat Kohli earned $ 24 million in 12 months in his total earnings ($ 26 million) through a contract, while his share of salary and win came to $ 2 million. The last time Virat Kohli earned a total of $ 25 million.

Talking about Forbes’ highest-grossing list, Virat Kohli was ranked 83 in 2018, but he slipped to 100th place in 2019 the following year. And now in 2020, Kohli has jumped to 66th place this year.

On the other hand, veteran tennis player Roger Federer has become the highest-grossing player in the world. Star footballer Lionel Messi has dropped from the top to the third position in the annual Forbes list released on Friday.

Swiss Star Federer, who owns a record 20 Grand Slam singles titles, earned $ 106.3 million (about Rs 802 crore) in 12 months, which he achieved through a $ 100 million deal.

With this, 38-year-old Federer has jumped four places in the Forbes list. Talking about tennis, he became the first player to top the list of highest grossers.

Football player Cristiano Ronaldo ($ 105 million), Messi ($ 104 million), Neymar ($ 95.5 million) and American basketball player LeBron James ($ 88.2 million) are in the top five.

While Golf star Tiger Woods is the only Golf player in the Forbes highest grossing top 10 list, his earning $ 62.3 million.

Forbes Top 10 Highest Grossing Players

Forbes Top 10 Highest Grossing Players List:

  1. Roger Federer (Tennis): $ 106.3 million
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football): $ 105 million
  3. Lionel Messi (Football): $ 104 million
  4. Neymar (Football): $ 95.5 million
  5. LeBron James (Basketball): $ 88.2 million
  6. Stephen Curry (Basketball): $ 74.4 million
  7. Kevin Durant (Basketball): $ 63.9 million
  8. Tiger Woods (Golf): $ 62.3 million
  9. Kirk Cousins ​​(Football): $ 60.5 million
  10. Carson Wentz (Football): $ 59.1 million



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