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Exercises to strengthen the back muscles

Exercises to strengthen the back muscles, they said earlier the healthy mind in a healthy body, in sports nourishment for the soul and strength of the body and rest for the nerves and outlet of pressure, and before we talk about those exercises that help us to strengthen the back muscles we will start with a simplified definition of the back.

The back

It is the basis of strength in the human body and may be exposed to a lot of fatigue as a result of the person doing some of the habits that hurt the back, and his muscles. For example, the person raises heavy weights in an improper manner, or he sits for several long hours continuously. We must pay attention to the back muscles, and work to strengthen them as much as possible so that we can practice our normal life.

What makes my back muscles strong?

In order for a person to feel comfortable and not pain in the back muscles, he must adhere to a proper style in his life and this will be mentioned in several points:

For a person to reduce his hours of sitting in order to ensure his health, so that this does not lead to atrophy in the lower back muscles. He avoids sitting for more than half an hour continuously and placing a pillow on his thighs when sitting, until his back muscles are adjusted. Always keen on walking on a daily basis. Keep the back as straight as possible.

Exercises help build body muscles

Now, here are some exercises that help a person to build and strengthen his muscles, and we will explain them in several points:

This depends on leaning against your knees and hands, then you straighten your back and look downward, then you slowly and slowly bend your back until it turns round and then returns to your original position and repeats this exercise from 5:10 times. You lean on your knees and hands, then slowly move your back down, look up, and then return to your original position and repeat this exercise several times with the same image. You lie on your back, then include your legs and place your arms next to your body, then raise your waist from the ground and keep your buttocks raised for five seconds, do not move your waist and then slowly lower your waist and repeat this 5:10 times. This exercise also depends on leanings, as it helps you to balance your body well: lean on your knees and hands, then extends your right leg and left arm and keeps your back straight, looking down, and you begin to bend your knee and elbows below your stomach and then extend your arm or leg again. This exercise teaches us how to strengthen the buttocks muscles: lie on your stomach on the exercise cushion, then put your arms down, then raise your legs straight and tighten your buttocks muscles and stay in this position for ten seconds, then reduce your legs in a slow manner.

Simple home exercises

Stretch on your back, then bend your knees and pull them apart to reach the thighs, put your right hand to the lower back and relax your back for a few seconds. Swim while you are lying on your stomach, where you should lie on your stomach and extend your arms above your head, then extend your legs down and raise them from the ground, then raise your right leg up and lower it, and repeat this with the left leg raised up and then lower it and raise your arms and alternate between them and do this With your left leg and right hand, flip between them, and repeat this exercise for a quarter of an hour. Lift your body off the ground, lean on your extremities, then extend your arms down to your shoulders and extend your legs below your thighs, then raise your right leg for two seconds and then lower it and raise your left leg, then lower it and then raise your right arm with your left leg at the same time and keep your back straight.

How do we build our muscles and make them strong?

In order to do this, it is necessary for a person to be regular in performing good behaviors that maintain strong muscles such as: exercise, and proper nutrition based on foods rich in proteins, as it has an important role in building muscle, so we will show you the most important foods that strengthen muscles.

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