Do you want a perfect body and a long life? Learn about these Japanese exercises

Did you know that Japanese women have maintained their longevity record for more than 25 years? They are not getting old and marvelous the world with their perfect physical fitness, and it’s no wonder that exercising alongside a healthy diet; Among the secrets of perfection for Japanese culture.

The American “Mind Body Green” site provided some exercises developed by Katsuzu Nishi to help women charge their bodies with energy and keep them fit.

Exercises that reduce ovarian cyst

The following exercises are useful for women with PCOS, as they contribute to stretching the muscle of the hips, abdomen and back, and relieve pressure at the ovarian level.

• Lean on your hands and knees, keeping your wrists below your shoulders and knees below your hips.

• Imagine a straight line connecting your shoulders and hips without losing sight of your neck extension.

• Exhale, and direct your spine as far as possible while keeping your shoulders and knees steady.

• Release your head back down, making sure that the chin does not touch the chest.

• When finished, take a deep, recurring breath for the starting position.

Repeat this exercise twenty times.

An exercise that promote blood circulation and relieve constipation

Women with uterine and ovarian disorder can benefit from this exercise:

• Lie on your stomach with your arms side by side with your body, and spread 15 feet between your legs.

• Begin by stretching the muscle of your toes, and raise one leg to a height of 15 cm, making sure not to move the second leg.

• Wait a few seconds, then return to the starting position.

The position of the reeds in the wind

Exercise increases blood flow to the legs, reducing pain and fatigue on the legs level.

• Lie on your stomach, making sure the surface is firm.

• Bend your knees, relax and imagine your legs like a reed swaying by the wind.

• Tablet using your legs to try to stretch the buttocks with the heels of your feet. You may fail to do the exercise, but keep trying. It must be done everyday, and you will notice the results.

“Tree leaf” position

It improves posture and promotes blood circulation in the brain.

• Lie on your back with care to raise your head towards the top, and ensure that the surface is rough.

Relax and imagine your body is empty and weightless.

• Bend your knees with your feet up by pulling them as far as possible toward the buttocks.

Slowly raise your head, and try to touch your knees using the palm of your hand, without increasing your spine.

Once your hands have extended your knees, raise your head and check that your spine is in a horizontal position.

• Maintain this position as much as possible also imagine that the energy is coming from your imagination.

• Go back to your starting position and relax.

“Boat” position

Women benefit from this exercise especially in the postpartum period, when their muscles get weaker. This exercise promotes balance and facilitates digestion, and helps in losing extra weight and getting rid of accumulated fat on the stomach level.

• Lie on your back and your feet together and your arms lowered side by side with your body, making sure that your paws are supported down.

• Start counting to number (4), then raise your legs with your toes extended upward.

• At the same time, raise your upper body while keeping your arms straight, touch your knees with your fingers.

• Keep this position until you feel tired.

• You can repeat the exercise ten times, depending on your fitness level.

“Willow branch” position

It contributes to reducing back pain and strengthening vessels and veins.

Stand up straight and try to get as close to your legs as possible, while keeping them in parallel.

• Put your hands on top of your kidneys while pulling your fingers together on your buttocks.

Slowly bend your back and return your head.

Relax your arms, making sure to move around right and left. And imagine that you are a willow branch on the banks of a river.

• In case you feel exhausted, return to placing your hands above your kidneys.

The sky is close to the river

Exercise helps you lose weight, especially around the stomach area. It also contributes to developing imagination and gives your mind calm.

• Lie on a solid surface while relaxing.

Clamp your hands behind your head and slowly raise your body until it is in a sitting position.

• Keep your body bent toward your feet as much as possible, taking care to imagine that you are standing on the banks of the river and reflecting on it deeply.

Gradually return to your starting position while keeping the depth in meditation, then raise your eyes and imagine that you are looking into the sky.

Climbing / Bedding plant position

Exercise relieves back and leg pain.

• Gently bend over trying to reach the surface of the floor with your hands, then return to the first position and gently pull back as far as you can.

• Restore the starting position, then gently bend north and right.

• return to the starting position to relax.

The bowstring position

Exercise relieves thigh fat, lower back pain, loose hips, and improves breathing.

• Initially, take a kneeling position and then bend your back in an arc, holding both your ankles with your hands.

• Hold this position for up to five seconds, then return to the starting position.

• Repeat the exercise ten times, considering your age and the general condition of your body.

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